Crafting Takes Courage

Lately, I’ve been wondering where I fit into the crafting/blogging universe.  There are lots of “how to” blogs with some really great information and lots of incredibly knowledgeable people at the helm of these blogs.  People I consider my friends and Crafting Heroes.

And then there’s me.  I’m not really a trail blazer when it comes to crafting.  I can replicate and maybe make changes to think to make them mine; but when it comes to creating something out of nothing; well I lack a little vision… and courage.

I’ve been teaching people the wonders of the Silhouette Cameo for several months now.  We’ve talked about the machine and the software and we’ve done a few projects.  The theme that seemed to come from these classes is that I’ve helped my students find their courage to create.  I’ve helped them through the fear of messing up a project, destroying a mat or just finding a starting point in a project.  I’ve been able to give them the knowledge they need to be successful and that’s been amazing so far.

So when I sit in the living room and I see all the blog posts in my facebook feed, I don’t really have to wonder where I fit in.  My space is to give others courage to try something new and different; to look out over the edge and that take step, knowing that someone is really only a phone call or a text or an email away.  To be brave.

So I’m going to borrow “creativity takes courage” and change it a little to “Crafting takes Courage” (Thank you Henri Matisse).

Just call me the crafting cheerleader!! 🙂  What you want to do; you can do it!  I have faith in YOU.  Try that thing.  Open that box.  Go you!