All Things Silhouette and Cutting Vinyl without a Mat

A lot has happened to our hero since you last spoke with her.  She went to All Things Silhouette in Peachtree City Georgia at the beginning of the month and had an absolutely amazing time!!!

I always learn so much when I’m there, and I get to catch up with friends, and just generally be immersed with like minded people I call my tribe.  In 2019, we’ve been promised two conferences this year, one in June and one in November.  I can’t wait to hear about the finalized dates so I can make my plans.

If one of your loves (or even just a hobby) is a Silhouette machine, you should check out the conference.  It’s an amazing thing a should not be missed!  This time, I learned about some of the amazing things that will be coming out in version 4.2; as well as a few new paper techniques; a metal clay demonstration; and more on how to use the silhouette studio software to design some amazing pieces of artwork!

Okay, now to the OTHER reason for my post.  I’ve been asked through email to assist with how to cut vinyl without a mat.  I made a video for the person who asked; but I thought I’d also devote some words on it.

In case you’re interested; here’s my first video EVEr: Silhouette Cameo 3 how to cut vinyl without a mat

Let’s start with Things to Remember:

  1. Be sure your Page Size is set to the width and length of your project and the cutting Cutting Mat is set to “No Mat”
  2. Make sure the white roller on the right has been unlocked and moved into the next set of marks and locked back in place (the part I tend to forget is to make sure the lever on the right of the machine is in the UP position.
  3. Make sure your blade is in the machine properly (no gap AT ALL between the blade flange as the housing; also be sure the blade is locked in place; and is in TOOL 1 (it has a red open circle on the blade housing on the machine)
  4. Go back to the software and look at the Send tab.  Be sure that the blade in your machine matches the correct tool (Tool 1 is Red, tool 2 is Blue) and that the correct cut type is chosen.
  5. Be sure you’ve chosen the correct material (BE SURE TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE IF YOU’RE USING HTV); the action is correct; and you have the correct blade type.  If you’re using a ratchet double check the blade depth.  If you’re using HTV< be sure to load with the shiny side DOWN.
  6. Get a roller feeder.  It really is the best thing in the world for cutting straight from the roll.  It’s got sliced bread beat hands down!
  7. TEST CUT.  TEST CUT.  TEST CUT.  Always and forever.  Do a test cut every time you change materials, every time you change projects.  You can’t do too many test cuts and just because a particular setting worked well yesterday, doesn’t mean that same setting will work today.

Okay, that’s really for how to cut vinyl without a mat; go enjoy your Turkey!

As always, I’m happy to help answer any questions you may have; feel free to email me at; or facebook message me through our company page Gina’s Goodys VIPs & Friends.  We’d love to hear from you!

Speaking of Sliced Bread. . . .Happy Thanksgiving!!!