Silhouette Studio Explained-Part 1

I thought it might be a good idea to go over some of the features of the different buttons within Silhouette Studio.   Let’s start with the left side of the screen once you open your software.

If you have the basic edition; the left side should look something like this:

Left_sideAnd we’ll look at these in order.  The first icon (in blue) is the select icon.  When that’s selected, the next thing you click on in your work area will be selected. When your item is selected; it’ll have a box around it with small white squares at each corner and at the center of each side.  There is also a green circle at the very top.  The little squares help with resizing and stretching.  The green circle at the top center allows you to rotate your selection.


The second icon directly below the arrow is your point edit mode if you have an object selected; and you click on the point edit icon, you’ll see a tiny squares around the object you selected.  As you can see from the screenshot below; when you choose the edit points, the box disappears from around your image, and you’re left with small gray squares; those are your edit points.

Edit Points

Those edit points allow you click on a point and drag it anywhere you like, allowing you to change the original shape into something.  Simple editing of the contacts allowed me to take something like the elephant on the left and turn it into the elephant on the right


After Edit Points, we have the line drawing tool directly under the edit points.  With this tool you can draw a straight line, a polygon, a curve and an arc.  To use this tool, you select the line tool, and you should see a tiny triangle.arrow at the bottom right of the icon; another menu will pop open you choose the tool you want to use.  Once it’s selected, you will click on your design space to start drawing and then drag your mouse across the mat.  When you’ve reached the desired length; release the mouse.

  • There are two things to note about using this tool to draw lines. The first is that if you hold down the shift key as you draw, it the software will draw a perfectly straight line.
  • Second Keep in mind that you can use the line tool to draw a shape, but in order to SEE the line in your design it must have a weight value attached.  At this point, the line weight is set to zero, so it’s a CUT LINE ONLY.

To draw a polygon and curve, it’s basically the same as a straight line only that once you start the shape, you drag the mouse to your first point, click and continue to hold the mouse and drag it to your next point you must end at the same point you started your design to close it.  the difference between the polygon and the curve is that while the polygon is angular and usually has acute angles in the corners, the polygon is rounded.

To draw an arc; you would click on the arc icon, then once on the mat and drag the mouse to the desired length and left click again and then move the mouse the distance from the second click and click again; the arc will appear as you drag the mouse.

Th next icon is the shape tool.  You can draw a square or rectangle with right angles at the corners a rounded square or rectangle, and oval or circle and a polygon,

  • With these shapes, the thing to remember is that if you hold down the shift key while you’re drawing with these tools, your shape will perfectly symmetrical.

Those are the first four icons on the left side.  Since this post is already pretty long, I’ve decided to divide this post into two parts.  In part two, I’ll talk about the next four (the pencil, the Text Tool, the notes tool and the knife tool.  You won’t want to miss those!!

Please let me know if you like the post, if you’d like to see something different, or if you have any questions.  I’d love to hear from you! or visit the website at