Silhouette Version and Silhouette Edition

I thought I’d do a small post to explain the difference between the two words in the title.  Version and Edition.  To put it simply, version refers to the number assigned by Silhouette America.  As an example, the current version according to Silhouette is 4.1.206


You can find out what the current VERSION of the software Silhouette has out by going to  Silhouette America’s Version List

To find out what version of software you have currently; open your software, left click on the help menu, then scroll down to the bottom of the drop down menu and then left click on “About Silhouette Studio”.  Once you click a box will pop up and show you your version number.

Version1As you can see from this popup box, I have Release 4.1.206.

One last word on VERSION.  As you can see there is the current version and there is the Beta version.  Beta versions are the testing release before it goes to current version.  There may still be bugs in the software; so while you can download and run the beta version, you do so at your own risk.  Some bugs cannot be fixed by a later version. (I used a beta version once, and it “ate” all the settings I had used for designs I had made with the previous version.  (I had made close to 200 designs for my business, and all of the material settings/blade setting/etc. had defaulted back to cardstock and they couldn’t be retrieved by Silhouette America, there were all “lost”. I’m still changing those back as I run across them, but I learned my lesson).

One further last word.  When you are updating or upgrading your software, please be sure to export your local user and your cloud libraries to a thumb drive.

That box also contains information on the Edition I have.  The Edition I’m running can actually be seen in at least three different ways.  To the right of the tree in the box above, it shows “Business Edition”, and those four letters after the .206 are ssbe; which means SIlhouette Studio Business Edition.  You can also see it at the very top left of the software


and there’s a fourth place.  When you open the software and it’s loading you should see the Silhouette Studio load screen and it should list the Edition there as well.

There’s a few things to keep in mind on this topic.  Unlike other software updates to the software are totally and completely free; regardless of what Edition you have or how old your version is.  

The Basic Edition of the software is FREE; however you have to purchase upGRADES (notice I said Upgrades, NOT updates).  With each upgrade you purchase (Designer, Designer Plus or Business) your functionality increases (you are given more tools to use and more neat stuff to use; as well as your functionality in regards to file types also increases).  You can purchase these upgrades from Silhouette America, Amazon and other retailers like Swing Design to name only a few.  When you do upgrade to a higher edition, depending on who you purchase it from, you’ll either get an email with a code or an actual card that has the code.

To enter the code; you’ll left click on Help; then scroll down to “Upgrade Silhouette Studio” and enter the key you received.  The key is accepted and is stored in your silhouette account that should you need to can be retrieved from your account on the silhouette store.  

I know I harp on this like crazy, but I can’t stress it enough; before you make any upgrades or updates to your software; export your libraries.  (Are you sensing a theme, here?  I hope so! 🙂