Exporting/Backing up your Libraries

Since we’re coming up to the beginning of a new month, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss how to backup your libraries.  I say libraries because you actually have two, your local user library which is where your recent downloads and your personal designs are saved; and your cloud library.

It’s a very good idea to export your library at least monthly and any time you make an upgrade or update to your software.  I can’t really stress the importance of keeping a backup of your library somewhere other than on your hard drive.  I recommend that you buy a thumb drive (also called a USB drive) to store your library on.  I also suggest that you keep at least two versions of your library on that thumb drive (the newest version and the next newest version).

So let’s get started.

Insert your thumb drive into a USB port and open the Windows Explorer.  Locate the drive letter assigned to the USB drive.  In my case, my laptop assigned the letter D to this USB:

drive letter

Then Open your Silhouette Studio Software and click on your library tab.

Left click once on Local User and then right click and choose ‘Export Local Library’Export2

The Export Library dialog box will appear.

Scroll down the left side of the dialog box and click once on the designated letter for your USB drive (in my case, it’s the D drive.

Export 3

The file name that’s automatically given by the silhouette software is My Library.studio_library.  I change the name to “My Local User Library_010118.studio_library”; (replacing the 010118 with the current date). By making this change I can tell which is the local user library and which is the cloud library and when they were last exported.Export 4

It will take a few minutes for your library to export to the thumb drive.  Do NOT remove the thumb drive from the USB port until it’s finished.

Next scroll down to your cloud library (your email address), and log in.  Once you’re logged in, repeat the process above but with the following exception:

When saving the file rename it to “My Cloud Library_010118” (using the current date).

As I said earlier, I keep the last two copies of both the cloud and the local user library on my thumb drive.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a cloud library, I don’t need to export it, that’s the point of a cloud library; it’s safely stored somewhere else”.

The answer to this is yes and no.  Yes, it’s stored on the cloud and it SHOULD be safe; but things happen.  I have seen instances where people have updated or upgraded their software only for a fluke to happen and they lose their cloud.  In that instance, the only way to get it back is to re-download all your purchased designs again.

Something to consider, though is that I’ve never heard of someone losing only their Cloud; usually it’s both (as in everything was wiped out of the library).  The local user library is the one that’s not easy to get back.  You would have to know where you downloaded all of your designs and then download them all again.  The real problem is any designs that you created are LOST.  Yes, LOST as in forever.  You can’t get them back.  Period. There is no way to get them back and the Silhouette America Technical Support can’t help you.