Silhouette Blades

We’re going to dive right in and talk about the one thing that people ask me most about… Blades for the Silhouette Cameo and Curio.


The picture above shows four of the five blades currently offered for Silhouette and/or Cameo.

All of the blades in the picutre (and the Premium blade that’s not in the picture) are available for use on the Silhouette Cameo and we’ll discuss the differences in blades.

From left to right, we have the Ratchet, the Fabric the Deepcut and the Autoblade.

The Ratchet blade has a black plastic outer body and is the most used blade for both machines.  It’s adjusted manually using either the included tool; or a hole in the silhouette machine (for the Cameo it’s on the left side of the mat area, and for the Curio it’s on the base). The blade settings are from 0 to 10 (0 being no blade, and 10 being fully extended).  To change the blade you would insert the blade housing into the hole and turn it to the right until the correct depth is set (you should hear and feel a slight click as the blade advances).  This blade can be used for a number of materials (anything from scrapbook paper to cardstock to chipboard)

The Fabric blade is exactly the same as the ratchet blade with one exception.  The housing is blue, not black.  Everything else is 100% the same.

Not pictured is the Premium Blade.  It looks the same as the DeepCut blade, except that the top of the blade is a metallic blue and not silver.

Next in the picture (third from the left is the DeepCut Blade.  This blade has a white housing with a silver top.  It has a twist feature to set the blade from 0 to 20.  From 0 to 10; the blade settings on this tool are the same as the Ratchet and Fabric blade; but 11 to 20 are what gives this blade its name.  As you move past the 10th setting a blue ring extends between the housing the red top that covers the actual blade. As the blade moves to 20 the blue ring will become larger.  This blade can be used for thicker items such as craft foam, leather and clay.

Fourth in the picture is the Autoblade.  It can only be used  the Silhouette Cameo 3. It will not fit in any earlier versions of the Cameo and it will not work in the Curio. This blade autoadjusts based on the material setting you choose, or whatever adjustments you made in the software.  The auto blade can cut all the same materials that the ratchet, fabric and premium blades can cut; but it cannot cut the same as the deepcut blade.

So now that we have a quick overview of blades, let’s do a little Q and A.

Q: What blade will cut sheet metal?
A:  None.  There are no Silhouette blades that will actually CUT metal.

Q:  What blade will cut acrylic?
A: None

Q: “If I change it in the software, do I still have to adjust the blade?”
A: Yes.  Unless you’re using the Autoblade, then it will adjust automatically.

Q: “When I put in my auto blade, it makes this loud tapping noise over on the
left side.  Is this normal”?
A: Yes, it’s how the blade adjusts.

Q: My blade won’t cut correctly (skipping or won’t cut at all; what’s wrong?

  1.  If you go to the send tab in the software, are your red cut lines showing on the selected image? If not, you’ll need to either select your image and make sure one of the cut choices is chosen, or if it’s a picture you brought into the software and it’s not an .svg or .studio3 file, have you traced it?
  2. Is your blade all the way in the machine and locked down (there should be no space between the blade and the lock.  The lock should be fully engaged.
  3.  Is there anything stuck in your blade? The bottom of the blade where the blade actually comes out of the housing can be unscrewed to check for debris.
  4. How old is your blade and what have you used it to cut?  If you’ve used it to cut glitter or cardstock, I would suggest you replace your blade with a fresh one and try again.  Glitter and cardstock are two very difficult materials to cut.
  5. Is your mat clean and free of debris?
  6. Is your blade an autoblade?  If yes, try the cut again with a ratchet blade that’s been manually adjusted.