Silhouette Company and TJC Licensing

I thought it best to get this little bit of business out of the way right off the start.

Silhouette doesn’t offer any sort of licensing or certification for teaching tools and techniques with their machines; and as far as anyone knows, there is no program in the works to do so in the foreseeable future.

What they have done is endorse Terry Johnson and her licensing program.  It’s as close as we’re going to get to actual licensing or certification on anything; and I’m copying the endorsement from Silhouette below, in case there are any doubts.

“As the popularity of Silhouette machines continues to grow, more and more people feel the need for ‘hands-on’ help in learning to get the most from their machines. In recognizing and understanding the need for further hands-on training, Terri Johnson has developed the Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program. This program provides Instructor Licensees the tools and curriculum needed to return to their home areas and provide lessons & events throughout the country. Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program is an independent program not audited by Silhouette America, which is created & taught by Terri Johnson Creates. Silhouette America supports Terri Johnson Creates through sponsorship and products, and encourages her efforts to promote and provide training solutions through her independent Instructor Licensing Program.”

Brian Hubler
Chief Operating Officer
Silhouette America, Inc.

I also have this is writing in case anyone would like to see it.